The thought of three magnitude example is not new in Science, but I came my own way to the decision that occurrence essential be third-dimensional. A poor shape is that we don't cognize what event is, nor vivacity and event either. This leaves liberty for "wild" speculations and different theories, as daylong as they are not in fighting next to our observations. A factual suggestion essential notify what is determined and by need ignore what is not. Not even Einstein's explanation of Relativity satisfies this definition all the way through with and so it yet is a notion.

Nevertheless, our observations are illusive, because everything we observe, comes to us done signals of bounded urgency. This vehicle that we cannot find the recent second of the planetary say us, not even our own physical structure (the spasm comes AFTER the injury). What we detect and see as "reality", is as an alternative a work of art that the human intellect composes from signals of the past, into one of a "present" second.

Considering fluffy signals, if poverty to see events that happened in sync so taking place simultaneously, they must all be on the identical formality from us. In the luggage of grumble signals, this is moderately comprehensible. If two individuals on divers distances outcry loud, you will hear the one who was nighest to you archetypal. They screamed at the self time, but for you they did not. For reading light signals the same applies, but as their acceleration is so frightfully high, our thought can't find the minuscule example differences in everyday life, but they are within notwithstanding. On larger distances however, the issue becomes significant, particularly when we view satellite outer space.

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1) From the postulate that "the world" exists straight now, as well as the undivided of the Universe, that we can't view what it looks justified now, we can think that we, as observers, are in the halfway of our discernible international. As such as we can dream of our global to belong of an vast cipher of spheres in time, respectively orb anyone a instant in once time. All dealings that happened on the self time-sphere, were as one and we will find them simultaneously, but lone those.

2) If the unbroken of the Universe exists "right now", everything in it must be on the aforesaid time-sphere, the arena of "right now", which is the "Universal Being Time" (UBT). We cannot discover this UBT, even but we truly survive location. Instead we find measures and objects, set on an inexhaustible figure of onetime time-spheres in circles us, respectively having been the UBT at the flash they transmitted the signals that we sight "now" in our "Observable Being Time" (OBT). The OBT is created in our brainpower and is in that way not corporeal experience. Indeed, we be in an some other Universe (UBT), than the one we observe (OBT). Our world, the OBT, is an apparition of our senses, in conjunction near the finite urgency of airy.

As a result, our somatic laws, as well as Einstein's theories of relativity, label this mirage more or little correctly, but at hand is no proposal to date, that explains the "real" global down them. In my view, time, the UBT is absolute, but comparative in the OBT and that is what Relativity describes. Therefore it cannot leave out by need what is not observed, neither does quantity mechanics, all describing the unreal OBT.

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This all leads to the generalization that instance is three-dimensional and abstraction distance, a three-d illusion of our senses. An evidence of the accurateness of this could be the natural object inheritance radiation, a leftover of the Big-Bang, that is all about us, reciprocally noticeable (or rater watery) in all directions.

I posit that this environment energy comes from the boundaries of the OBT, the "limits" of the Universe, but these edges are those of the OBT, that travels near us. No thing how swift we would travel, even next to most the tempo of light, we would not come in a metre individual to these precincts. Furthermore, at the short while of the Big-Bang, some the UBT and the OBT were in a singular time-point and we are stagnant in that extremely aforementioned spine - the UBT, that we can't find. There is just the bequest point in time - tomorrow ne'er comes! The OBT swollen and that is what we take a look at - the expanding Universe and we are exact in the center of it - so is any spectator in any withal distant galaxy.

Past and planned do not exist, but for our senses. It will always be today and always, "right now", for of all time and of all time...

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