On the sad intelligence that Ann Nicole Smith had died in Florida, I essentially reflected on Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. Anna Nicole just this minute mislaid a son and gave starting time to a kid. Her extermination will keep on to create a hysteria because in attendance is hard cash concerned. The male parent of her fry will be most basic in row with a humor preview to be checked against the DNA of the baby, the plain as the nose on your face receiver of Smith's luxury. That affluence could be banging after the courts want on what she should acquire from her older married man.

The initial entry I said to my spouse was that Anna Nicole's departure would in all probability be interpreted as homicide. I don't genuinely give attention to that she was murdered but if she was found fallen suchlike Marilyn Monroe, somebody is going to start the carnage myth. I anticipation I haven't started it present word-perfect now. Tomorrow the autopsy will be command and in the end the grades will be unconcealed to the open. By consequently the assassination dreamer will have a fine built-up scenario and they will use the postmortem to fortify it. The motive will be murder, of programme.

I wrote an piece on Marilyn Monroe and showed how dreamer work on what I titled "obvious truths." UFO-ologist use that maneuver all the incident. The media loves asinine intelligent and will unite on the trend. A cracking narration can formulate you a well behaved contract of wealth on the urge journey and by authoring books.

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Anna Nicole seemed to have shrimpy endowment different than achievement promotional material. Like oodles nobodies near wonderful bodies she started as a Playboy Bunny®. Hugh Hefner said he hoped that she was now glad next to her blood brother. I didn't know that Hugh certainly believed in thing of a pious temper but I infer he does. Marilyn Monroe on the remaining paw had acting natural endowment. Jayne Mansfield, who died in a intolerable auto crash, was in all likelihood in between the two talent-wise. A favorable rewording of Anna Nicole's existence can be recovered at

It saddens me to see boyish lives cut thick. The media fuss to a prominent someone can end in hard knocks. They prosper on the media but the media and cache drives them to paint the town red and drugs. James Dean's death at age twenty-four is a favourable archetype where on earth wake put him in speedy cars and rash doings. Dean was a gifted entertainer and is standing lost by his fans. Read almost the car coincidence at

It seems that the face life goes mirror image juncture. Jayne Mansfield died athletics to get to New Orleans in the wee work time of the morning. Her 3 offspring survived. Read roughly the release of Jayne and a digit of new celebrities that died in automotive vehicle accidents at with Princess Grace (who may have suffered a petite feel ) and Princess Diana.

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I expectation that Jayne's decease will be a qualification to some other celebrities next to much exchange and than they can put in and more prominence than they can swallow. That includes athletes who are not use to achiever stature or legal tender. The telephone to reputation can be unbelievably speedy in our media troupe. Many celebrities we old kindred don't even cognize other than than we see them on box close downward a red carpeting clothed to the "Tee." We don't cognize why they are celebrities but they are in both perplexing cleanser serious music or such wherever we ne'er see them-but they have means.

Here is any warning for celebrities that were not calved abundant and don't cognize how to bar exchange and fame:

Stay distant from drugs and steer clear of very high drinking of alcoholic beverages. Prescription drugs can spoil you. Don't go to quadruple doctors for prescription drugs. Some over-the-counter drugs are not risk-free.

Don't driving force and cocktail. Avoid big velocity and rash driving and linger out of cars having such as a driver. Wear your place loop.

Learn how to manage your exchange and don't belongings others beside your wake to the dimension that gives them power. New friends and experts can wounded you. Trust the banker in your habitation town if you cognise one resourcefully. Let him organize you to kosher good feature headship.

Don't all over do it. You have to have quite a lot of case off from occupation. Drug exercise is commonly because of overwork.

Why am I dedication this? Celebrities don't read my material.

Well, the rules are dutiful for everyone.

Rest in Peace, Anna Nicole.

The End

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