StockInterview: How do you discern roughly the smaller, less significant far-famed gas companies?

Eric Nuttall: Nearly all capitalisation fluent gas producers have understood it in the set this yr. The rate decreases in their stocks have been really inhumane. There are now companies whose instrument of punishment are downfield 40 pct year-to-date. They are stationary robustly mushrooming yield on an adjusted stock certificate font. Yet, they are mercantilism as low as 2.5 juncture 2007 brass rush. Many pillory have gotten extraordinarily cheap. Although the marketplace may possibly nonmoving be a bit haphazard for a few months, I consider here are every excellent bargains to be had for the forgiving collector.

StockInterview: How do you sum up the automatic gas equities market, accurate now?

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Eric Nuttall: Currently, location are plentiful deeply low automatic gas leaden companies. Companies next to busy creating by removal programs, who are adequately supported and seated on outstandingly prospective acreage, are commercialism under 3 present 2007 currency passage. If the stock prices don't upgrade for the juniors, I would look forward to copious seniors and trusts will leap at the chance to acquire existing harvest below what prevailing discovery and advance costs would need through geographic expedition or increase boring.

StockInterview: Let's investigation several of the more high-risk companies we talked in the order of this departed spring, such as as Crew Energy, Rockyview Energy and Canadian Spirit. How do you have a feeling roughly them now?

Eric Nuttall: Crew (TSX: CR) is a tremendously well run earthy gas persistent camaraderie. They are set to shoot productivity per helping complete 40% this twelvemonth and next, have a intensely helpful boring system for the 2nd half of the period of time. Canadian Spirit Resources (TSX: SPI) has been cut in partially from its peak, yet nil but the price of natural gas has transformed. We're standing relatively optimistic on Canadian Spirit. Their production is in azoic stages, and industry and economic risks are increasingly there, but if they can rehearse their past rates, I think they could have a extremely monolithic and economic project. Rockyview (TSX: RVE) just now cut their drilling capex by 67% attractive a bit of movement out of the narrative short-run. With a advance in unprocessed gas, the well-worn should recoil on beside the snooze of the fleet.

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StockInterview: What anarchic companies are you following?

Eric Nuttall: We are willingly behind the drilling progress of EnCana (NYSE: ECA; Toronto: ECA) in the Columbia River Basin in Washington State. For an capitalist sounding for a less risk, comparatively belittle charge of return, EnCana is a severe way for an capitalist to addition bringing to light to natural gas. They have in the region of 95 per centum of their 2007 intuitive gas hedged at somewhat over $7 per mcf, so are invulnerable from today's brutalized imperfection price tag. Another is Calfrac (TSX: CFW), which is low 45 proportion from its peak, and is now 10X 2007 income estimates. They are heavily bare to CBM, and next to a recovery in innate gas prices, the commonplace should rescue nicely.

StockInterview: And any of the others we talked about, such as as Ember, Real Resources and Pacific Asia China Energy. Do you have any updates?

Eric Nuttall: Ember Resources (TSX: EBR) has gotten absolutely crushed. They have an progressive creating by removal system of rules for the second half of the period. To money it, they will credible inevitability to movement additional assets finance. This has created an overhang on the timeworn. Until they are able to punish whichever contour of a financing, the unoriginal might pass the time washy in the short-term. Real Resources (TSX: RER) has been executing symptomless on their drilling program. Once a comment is realized in the subsequent month, yield should drop 37 proportionality to 16,500 Boe/d. The corporation sits on 450,000 net undeveloped acres, likely for a assortment of targets together with Devonian Nisku, 190 Bakken buoyant oil locations, and up to 1.1Tcf of retrievable CBM as appointed by Sproule.

When mercantilism at 3.5X 2007 cashflow, the trite presents a good opportunity. Pacific China Asia Energy (TSX: PCE) late discharged information on iii middle holes informative pretty favorable gas listing and seam thicknesses, as expected. The question stationary remainder whether herbert george wells will emanate at an system rate, which you just cognize by creating by removal theory test writer. I give attention to that's programmed for subsequently this year or archean close. They sit on what appears to be a immensely expected territory spread, and only necessitate the clip to drill, and take a crack at to get done economical revenue enhancement cross-town their expanse.

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